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It has everything to do with "holding something over him" and the fear it causes.

Posted 5/30/2012 at 5:43:47 PM

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That is how you are insuring his good behavior. You are using his information as leverage indirectly. I know why you do so, some guys with reviews and OK's are some of the most pushy clients out there. I have heard of more than one guy that shorted, raped or robbed a provider that had OK's and whitelists. Having real leverage often stops that. It is foolish to see clients without real info on top of everything else you require.

But unfortunately not every woman in this game is well behaved with this info. Many are down right dangerous. Guys are getting outed by these hookers daily for the smallest of offenses like NCNS, emailing to often, honest reviews, and even board posts the lady don't like. There many such public site that do little but out clients for small infractions. Hell, one site brags how they have close to 50,000 clients on their site. I have even seen a guys under age daughter photo and name placed on such a site. Many of these sites don't even screen the ladies or her claims.

Sad thing is a lady would have to be a fool to see clients without real information and a guy would have to be a fool to give it to them until he gets to know what she is like. Someone has to be the fool and take a very real risk as there is too many on both sides of the fence that are abusive and dangerous. No I do not have the answers as there is no telling who can be trusted with or without said info until it is too late.

Personally I am a fool and will give out personal information. It has cost me twice. Once when a lady and her phone got taken to the police department and she allowed them to see her contacts. This lead to my full outing. And the second lead to my wife's info being used to blackmail me into not reviewing. I have been burnt twice yet I still do it. I have to bee the biggest fool on TER. Someone must do something stupid in regards to their safety or else no one here would be doing any P4P.

I respect you position, and I even agree with it from your point of view. But don't claim, "It has nothing to do with 'holding something over him'" It has everything to do with that. Even if it is only for your safety.

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