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Ever tried having sex while diving? Not sure how gravity will work... LOL EOM
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In a dangerous environment, we improve our chances of survival when we bond with others.  But this is certainly not limited to sexual bonding.  A better-designed experiment would have the subjects being shown photographs of people of both genders, and asked before and after "Does this look like someone you would like to have as a friend?"

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I can't fathom this one, but then I'm no sexologist either.
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While some of them may have been attracted to me in a different situation, one in which the decisions I made did not affect their likelihood of survival, I think the potentially dangerous nature of the situation itself was a big factor in the attraction.

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>> >cuz wen I wuz leadin' tourz thru Darkist Afriky thu same thang happind 2 me!!!>>>
Butt thankee, madiba, fer cuntinyooin in yer roll as O-Fishul TER Shrink!  LMAO!  I wunder if'n yore reappeerince meanz Thu Luv Goddiss wil B bakk!  >>>>> shore hoap nott!

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So seeing the food twice is Aphrodisiac? I haven't been on those since Junior High. LOL

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Read a research paper in psychology class a few years back.

But certainly, not my case. The moment I see a lady in red lingerie and red heels, I get horny as hell.

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"Ever tried having sex while diving? Not sure how gravity will work"
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 As long as you aren't jumping out  the space station, your biggest  challenge
will be finding a sex adrenaline partner .

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