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Amen. Some people need to just go work at Walmart!

Posted 5/30/2012 at 8:56:31 AM

I mean seriously, if you are not making enough money as a hooker to be able to provide child care and an adequate incall, then why are you here to begin with? Seems logical that the money is not coming in or you are putting it up your nose...or elsewhere. This is really not that complicated of a business, and some people still screw that up. I tell you what I have compassion for...the freaking children born to some of these dimwits! Putting food on the table? Really? Not if the damn kid is in the room you're not. If the money was there, you would not have need to turn tricks with a kid in the room. There are government assistance programs as well, and there is no shame in being poor. The shame is on being an idiot!

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