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Why can't people follow a thread?

Posted 5/29/2012 at 7:14:28 PM

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My post was directed to Jessica, not to you. You posted your reply to London. If she wants to reply back to you , she is totally capable. Jessica also posted a reply to London. My post was a reply under Jessica's post, and it was simply pointing out a technical point in the discussion board thread. Jessica's post insinuated that London proposed calling the cops on a lady for being messy. If you followed the thread correctly, London proposed calling the cops on the lady with the infant. I was merely pointing that out. I was not defending London or supporting her post, as was clearly stated in my post.

Now since you brought out some points and directed them to me, I will reply.

No, I wouldn't call the cops on the lady with the baby, but I would leave. Having sex with your husband in front of your baby is not the same as having sex with a stranger in front of your baby. And even with your husband, I sure hope the baby is an infant, because if he is any older he should not be in the same room. Now as far as a stranger, yes she better get a baby sitter. (and no I'm not going to pay for it) If she is making 300/hour she can get a baby sitter.
A provider having an infant in the same room is just crazy, I don't care what the circumstances are. She is putting the child in danger, and definitely risks having CPS take it away at the very least.

As for the messy room, if it is because of lack of closet space as you say (and I know what it is like to grow up in a tiny space with lots of people) there is a simple solution. Don't do incall there! (of course I don't think a provider should do incall in her living space anyway, but that's another topic). How about outcall only. Many ladies do that.

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