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Talk about a dance craze... (eom)red_smile
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A friend of mine forward me this youtube clip. Not sure if this is the new trend in the clubs, but, I sure as hell like.

(The actions starts at 1:00 minute into it)

(This video clip is only 1 minute, and is intended for those that don't have enough time, but, want an overall summary of this thread)

Has anyone ever been to one of these clubs before? It seems to be very popular, they are internationally, and I've seen them toured Tokyo too. For those that attended, what was your experience like? I would like to attend one of these clubs, and would like some feedback from those that attended. Thanks!

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I would not hit that even for free. No.... We like providers because we know exactly what and who to expect.

You are not paying for sex. It is for the whole experience.

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to be able to do these gymnastics. Looks like they are just being sexual with grinding and stuff, and I doubt how much actual sex is involved.

I don't know how this replaces intimate one-on-one sex.

An interesting video, nonetheless.

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Have you ever been in that club on the corner of South st.

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I meet girls at the club all the time but you only get lucky a few times. The ones I really like do not pay attention to you even if you are in great physical shape.  I started seeing providers when I realized that I was spending a lot of money on girls before I can get some pussy.

to me once in a night club in the tropical south! I was with a bunch of friends at an international conference and there was a huge after party. This guy from the conference (who came from the Caribbean) started dancing with me and somehow I ended up on the floor with him dry humping me. I was more than a little embarrassed (that's not how I was used to dancing), but just went with the flow because everyone was so much into it. Someone actually took photos of this and they're probably out there on the internet somewhere as we speak. Lol! Who knew it was a cultural phenomenon??

Thanks for posting that! Now I know. :)

Couldn't handle the whole video, so maybe I missed seeing any female that I would have any interest in tapping.  All I saw was a whole lot of loose skin over serious weight.  I know that fun comes in all sizes, but if I found myself teleported into that scene I would flee immediately.  The athletics and general condition of the guys looks a lot better, and I have no interest in them a-tall.

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