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sorry cspatz, I stand corrected

Posted 5/29/2012 at 2:38:09 PM

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It is always hard to gauge what someone is saying in a typed post. Since your first post said you saw the infant and walked out, then when ATL said you should have left her money, you replied that you weren't thinking straight, I just assumed it was sarcasm. I did admit in my first post, that I might be wrong, and I admit it now. It's just the way I took it. No offense meant to you.

I still stand behind the rest of my post. You didn't owe her a dime. You had every right to walk out after seeing the baby, and leave nothing, as I assume going into the appointment you had no idea. You also had the right to walk out, and leave her money if you so chose. And you know what? You also could have stayed and fucked her with the kid right there. I'm sure many others have. You couldn't have been her only client ever. In any case it's your call. Personally I have never run into that situation, and hope I don't. Not sure what I would do. Well I know I wouldn't stay and fuck her.

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