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Then let me disagree with this

Posted 5/29/2012 at 10:26:28 AM

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The board is not primarily for hobbyists to exchange information about providers. Guys say this all the time, and it just is not true. Sure, it makes a certain amount of sense given the name of the Board, but TER serves many purposes on many levels for lots of different people, and to say that one purpose is the primary one is BS. Hell, I do not even agree when people say that the primary purpose of reviews is to help other hobbyists choose providers - again, there are many purposes and it is hard to argue which one is the most important. TER's primary purpose is to build traffic and generate revenue for the ownership, and they will take it in any direction that works toward those goals.

I do agree with you that the boards in general have been a lot more civil and restrained since the big change, though some of my more feisty brethren seem to be getting a little more leash in the last couple of weeks.

First and foremost, TER is, and should be, a community where we take care of each other to assure that everyone has fun, stays safe, and does well. Many choose to see the interests of providers and hobbyists as being in conflict, and this applies to the ladies as well as the gentlemen. While I understand why that is the case, it is wrong. This is always best when everyone goes home happy (though there will always be the vicious fucks and the robs, but they are never really part of a community, are they?).

OTOH, Charlotte, you are asking TER to be unlike any other Internet forum I have known. These places are always dominated by swaggering assholes who like to pretend to be big guys online, possibly to make up for being something else in their real lives. You come here, say your piece and let the a-holes do what they do. To expect anything else seems a lot like expecting the sun to rise in the west tomorrow.

But I do share your hope.


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