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Re: WTF...are you even serious? I would have called the cops on that stupid c*nt! EOM.

Posted 5/29/2012 at 9:16:52 AM

no defending her but some girls just do not have a choice.

as for OP's appt with the girl with the dirty carpet, maybe she has no control of it...do you have any idea how much it costs to move? and maybe she's just making enough money to save up to move...maybe she's barely making the money to survive let alone worry about her carpets....on the other hand, if her bathroom was dirty, then thats on her...my bathroom is nearly always filthy but i have three kids that like to play in there and even if i have just have friends coming over i ALWAYS make sure the three main rooms people see (living room, kitchen, bathroom) are SPOTLESS.....or, maybe she just wasn't taught how to clean properly...or, maybe she just didn't give a rats ass...who knows.

however, if she looked good, the service was good, why knock her apt? maybe, just maybe she just *doesnt* have a choice of where she's living. there are many many variables with everyones homes....some landlords also don't give a shit. maybe she's complained to her landlord about her carpets...i know with *MY* landlord, i have no screens in my apt...(come to think of it, my neighbors downstairs doesn't have screens either) and we always have, when it gets warm, bajillions of flies...does that mean if i were to take clients in call at my location (i did say IF) that id be judged because i have flies?

please think before you judge someone else's living situations. Some people just have lower living standards then others but that doesn't mean they're awful...theyre still people who need to make a living.

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