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Even when I am with a Porn Star it is has always been a GFE

Posted 5/29/2012 at 6:47:59 AM

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....I am never sure what defines a "Porn Star Experience" these days. Most of the time it seems that if there is a Greek Expedition involved we have ventured into PSE territory. I know many ladies who actually love anal and we enjoy it as part of the session but there is nothing PSE about it.  I have traveled with a Porn Star who is an over the top freakshow on film....but is a complete girl next door when we are together....I could ask her for the "Her Screen Name" Experience but it would be just a show because that is something she does for the camera.

So I guess I am just a fan of GFE.....As long as my GF enjoys Greek, Toys, other women, 3-ways etc.. ;-)

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