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Up until two years ago I shunned veggies. 

Posted 5/27/2012 at 3:07:07 PM

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My palate had been brainwashed by the processed and fast food industry since my youth.  Reaching middle age my metabolism wasn't burning the calories it used too, and the pounds and inches were becoming noticable and problematic.
I began regularly requesting/substituting veggies or fruit for the ubiquitous French Fry accompaniment of many restaurant meals about a year ago. I then soon began to ask if the "cheese" could be left off my fast food "Bacon & Cheese" Burgers. Then I found myself also requesting "Hold the mayo!".

 I LOVE hamburgers, beef in general, and pints of crafted Beer, I have cut neither from my regular diet. But by scarfing down some steamed veggies or fruit rather than fried potatoes with my entre, or nibbling on carrots & celery rather than cheese poppers or nachos at the micro-brewery I can now again fit COMFORTABLY into my racing leathers, and any lady will tell you; "Leather don't lie!"  


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