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Re: TER Chat

Posted 5/26/2012 at 1:55:18 PM

Hey Angela,

I have been using IE the whole time and that is what got me perplexed.

I just now tried the Chat tab and it now works! (Using IE)

Go figure...



Posted By: Angela_Petite2
If you are using Google Chrome which is what I use and havesome difficulties in parts of the board ,support has shared with me that TER runs best while using  Safari or Firefox. I had a problem with the PM side of it nit being able to see the launch messenger but when I opened it on IE it showed. Looks like it is time "AGAIN" to switch browsers to get the whole use of the board. I'll check it out later but try it on IE and if it works I'll bet that you have the same problem as I do. ;)



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