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Same here. Agreed! EOM

Posted 5/26/2012 at 12:45:05 PM

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Posted By: McDonald000
If they are unhappy with their job, then they should find a new one. Some providers I've meet put no effort into the session, but treat hobbyist as though they are a number. This is typical of the BackPage providers. Some charge $200 an hour, and are unappreciative of their clients. If it wasn't for their clients, they wouldn't make $200 an hour. They should be grateful that someone would even call them and spend that much for only one hour of their time. If I had a business, and I made $200 an hour, and only worked for five hours, I would be grateful for it, and put some effort into the session. Instead of just laying around and rushing people out the door.

As it relates to life, I also dislike ungrateful people. Even those that don't have material possessions and a lot of money. At least be grateful for what you have. Some people have no sense of humility. They should put their egos aside. Oh, I also dislike ethnocentric people too.


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