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$300 does not always guarantee fs 

Posted 5/24/2012 at 6:58:03 PM

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You are right about getting what you want for $300.00. Everytime an escorts asks for $300 plus, I know I have to expect some fucking. For that much money, an escort must be insane to offer anything else.  Recently I called up an escort on BP (I know, bad decision). The only reason why I called is her picture looked exactly like a girl who works in the bank I go to. I always found her attractive so I figured I will give it a shot. She asked for $300 so I did not inquire the services I will be getting. We communicated via text and I mentioned FS a couple of times. She finally arrived, took the money and told me it was a meet and greet fee. I will not be getting any service today. What the fuck!!!!!  This was the first for me.  I am usually very cautious and I have had two bad experiences in about 30 plus encounters.  $300 was always a safe bet. Apparently, our temporary companions are changing some of the rules.  You are 100% right about looking for good reviews and spending around $300 plus to guarentee satisfaction.  In my case, I fucked up and broke my own rules by not looking at reviews first. Anyway, I succeeded in retrieving most of the cash. She left with $100 and no service.

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