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So, you told me to fuck you hard and deep, several days later, you look at me like I'm a scumbag.

Posted 5/24/2012 at 9:08:25 AM

This has happened on several occasions with several different providers. Why do some girls think they can take my cock? First, I'm more endowed than the average man, I got good length and girth. Some girls think they can take me on. I just had a session a few days ago. This girl told me to fuck her real hard, fast, and deep. So, I gave it to her like she requested. She even encouraged me to keep fucking her throughout the session, so, I did. I fucked that good real good, just like she requested, because she kept on encouraging me to do so. I know I wore that pussy out real good that day.

Some girls thing they can take the challenge, so, I am happy to satisfy their challenge. Because I am well endowed, and I know my limitations, but, if some girls think they can take my shit, and encourage me to fuck them fast, hard, and deep, then guess what? That's what I'm gonna do. Shit, she even encourage me through out the session, so, her feedback is to keep fucking her, other wise I would have slowed down and take my time.

A few days later, I saw her again. She acts like I treated her like a piece of meat. The session didn't go as expected, and I could tell that something was wrong. She is not the only one that this happened to. I've been with many girls in the past, the ones that think they can take me on, and get get mad later.

So, my question for you ladies. Why do you tell some of us guys that you know are capable of wearing your pussy out to fuck you fast, hard, and deep. Then, you get mad at us later? You know our dicks are big, and yet, you want to challenge us, and then get mad at us later? That doesn't make any sense to me. It sure as hell felt good though to fuck her like a damn chicken head, but, she encourage me to do so. Women, I would never understand these girls. Next time, don't keep encouraging me to fuck you so hard and deep, and don't think you can take all of my dick, then be mad at me a few days later when I see you again.

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