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Posted 4/9/2001 at 9:45:00 AM

Hey Simpleman,I've been seperated for about 9 months and have seen a few providers just to relieve some "tension" as well as to simply be close to a woman without the entanglements that dating seems to require.  For me, this hobby doesn't replace what you seem to have lost ... "GFE" or not, I don't think a provider can ever come close to providing you with the same feeling of being "special" in someone else's eyes .... but, they can screw your brains out and somewhat numb you to the unpleasantness that I'm sure is part of your daily existence.  Breaking up sucks, but it does afford one the opportunity to be completely independent and free to pursue other interests ...  on the other hand, I too really miss the look of love that came from my woman's eyes ... cest la vie ....  My suggestion ... while you're unattached ... explore your wildest dreams ... find a provider willing to help you explore those fantasies and have the time of your life.... then, when you've had enough time to get over the last one, you'll be ready and more enriched in your experiences.

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