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Re: Sorry - but you should have stood your ground if your review was honest and real...

posted 5/23/2012 at 7:42:28 AM


Thank you for clarifying this!



Postedby: natashalynne
for you to come back now and complain about it after you acquiesced to having it removed is wrong.  

Here's the procedure for disputing a fake review:

Girl gets new review she thinks is fake.
Girl tells TER it's fake.
TER tells girl to contact reviewer to be "reminded" of the session
If reviewer doesn't respond to girl's request, review gets pulled
If reviewer responds to girl's request with evidence of a real meeting, then review stands

It's really not rocket science.

If you write a review, stand by it.  If you don't stand by it, then you're part of the problem you're complaining about.

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