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TER won't pull reviews just because we ask them to...

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:29:18 AM

otherwise every bad review would be a "fake" review.  This site is FULL of girls who have tried to get fake reviews - both good and bad - pulled to no avail.  Just because you know two girls who didn't try does NOT mean that they would succeed if they did try.  Maybe they understand that it's futile.

Do I think it's fair that other girls cry "fake" just because they don't like their review?  Nope - that pisses me off too.  I've never once put any pressure on any of my reviewers, and I think it's fundamentally unfair that others do.  But that's where the reviewers need to man up and stand their ground too.  If a reviewer disputes the providers claim of a fake review, all he needs to do is submit proof of the meeting - copies of emails, for example.  The guys above who said that they pulled their real reviews chose not to fight - the fact that they didn't man up doesn't mean others shouldn't.  THAT is how you make reviews more credible.

But these are two distinct issues.  What's relevant to your post is the fact that girls can't just randomly have their reviews pulled.  Period.

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