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I have reported about 3 good fake reviews that were pulled asap...not so much for the bad fakes.

Posted 5/23/2012 at 6:32:15 AM

It is a crap shoot. If TER pulled every bad review a girl said was fake, there would never be any. I would imagine they have a hard time trying to keep up with that. I have noticed that a veteran reviewer's word stands more than a newbie. If I get a bad review from a guy who only has one or two reviews and just joined, they are more likely to pull it...hardcore hobbyists, not so much.

I just got a fake on another board and I firmly believe the only reason he did not try that here is because TER has his IP address and would know right off who it was. It was so vague, it was hilarious. He did not describe one thing about me because he is not a paying member of TER or any other board so he can't even see the damn juicy details. Just made some statements that were off the wall and what's really comical is he must not have known I just had new pics taken over the past three weeks ha ha.

The only time in my life I have ever weighed 130 was over a year ago when I was still in grad school, but my ads and website always noted that change. Had he written it then, I would have said sure thing, but he claimed to have seen me at the end of April after I had dropped 15 lbs and just posted new pictures ha ha.

Add to that I had just gotten 10 reviews from guys in Ohio at that same time, so I am quite sure they would have mentioned something. I mean lets get real here...all I had were refs from these guys and nothing else...not even a first name, so if anyone had the chance to say something it would have been them.

He claimed to have seen me at my "incall" (singular) in New Orleans, but I have not seen a "new" client in nola in over a year...at least not one that I had not been exchanging serious emails with and would recognize.  He did not even give a general location of where he saw me or any other details about my body, face, etc. because he is too cheap to pay for access that would have clued him in.

I know exactly who it is, and why but fk it. No one ever looks at that site anyway, which is why he did not think it would be caught. All the guys I have seen from there are regulars anyway...have not had a "new" client from there in over 2 years.  So you see, it's not always easy to have reviews pulled unless they are positive which I have done, and been called stupid for.

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