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or she coulda told you i need A MIN

Posted 5/20/2012 at 7:21:54 AM

maybe she worked hard n fast for th two fast pops n needed a min,  I def make sure to communicate if i need a min, and get us water, sometimes, and if you need a breather you just tell nthem , maybe she just talked instead telling you. she also may not be tyoe girl to get all hour apots where the guy gets most out of hour he can get , maybe she gets extend visist and is used to the down time in between, who knows...................i do know yu guys oay us dam well and i am sure most would try best within thier ohysical capoabilties t meet your desired=s as long as you express them, I know i can be in different moods for differnt things and i tell them whats goin on cuz they want to see youenjoying it,

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