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I live in on the strip,

Posted 5/20/2012 at 6:45:25 AM

when wind blows on busy beach day I liturally can get gusts of suntan lotion smell in my apt! from my deck, . I grow parsley andbasil on my porch, get up at 5 am n watch sun rise, wear my cute new nike hot pink flip flops from macys that u sink into when u walk@!  they have squishy material ion foot part they r great! I dont have to wear two pairs pants to jog beach { o jogged the beach all thru jan plus feb but in alot of layers, the new england wonter didnt top me or icy ocean wind either i must have vthat boston blue blood they soeak off."]with my little four legged joggn partner here.   the summer is when my place is really breally like wow this is great! all i hear all daylong are motorcycles drivin up blvd with thier radios blarin. I can sit back n watch it all from my couch and deck . all people cruise the strip here with there nice bikes n hot rods , theres alot nice fried clam shops n ice cream stands on the sea wall. tons people walkn there dogs. acool italian joint few blocks up with my fav blue point oysters on half shell , which is like catnio forme, that n chocolate n watch out i get so fired up. ! some blue point oysters after long day a steak n maybe some choc mouse cake desert and wow life is good.
  decoating my deck!!!!!!!! i havemore plant arrangmenet and crazy decorations on it, next i am gonna scope out a little table n chair set to host a nice lunch out there, for friends clients n familt,nothin like eatn brunch on the ocean .         my other onn list of million things  I want, i already got the life jacket for my dog too cuz he will come outon it with me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i got idea from a fitness mag they show a pic of a girl doinstand up paddke boarding, i guess its a new trend its easier than surfing but you get a great upper body work out, plus enjoy floatin about in ocean.               i checked em out tahoes makes them they run for bout 1,600 ................then I need a life jacket for myself n itl have to be a neon collor preferable hot pink, . then a paddle.          my retirement plan though involves a seasonal job of purchasing a used hot dog cart from a want ad they run bout 3 grand i checked it out, a boob job to get me up to a d, i went forthe intake at surgeouns and tryed em on with the sports bra i could handle the weight of double d s they felt too muuch, so my implants which l run me 4 grand...........then the permits to have my hot dog stand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and some flourescent  string bikinis few pairs home made cut offs maybe with old jeans i dont want that ripped on bottom, , a fort protecting my dog from heat so he can hang with me while I sell hot dogs in the beach all summer. thats my long term summr plan, it just is weird but thats like my low maintenece retirement plan, ! beach bum with gigantic tits ellin big long hot dogs , maybe guys minds l wonder n i can flirt with every guy that comes to my stand n itll be entertaining for a job,                                    oh you mentioned sno cones? well then theres the gigantic box sugar free tropical popscicles i bought , defenitly summer time means popscicle time.......................................you can get some sexy candid shots with apopscicle as a prop too , maybe i will poist the next weekly photo thread as lets see what u can do to that popscicoe ladies, n see all the sucking off popscicle pics with juice dripping on our tits, that be great phot weekly idea, too,

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