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Involving my Wife? (Also, newbie to the boards!)

Posted 5/19/2012 at 2:04:44 PM

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Good afternoon y'all!

I'm new to the boards (never stuck my head in here before, but y'all seem fun/knowledgeable)... I've been a hobbyist for years, although lately I've been sticking with FBSMs as opposed to FS providers. My wife has always been very "vanilla" although she's expressed an interest in expanding her horizons. She's also very attracted to women, but has never really had any Close Encounters of the Sensual Kind (other than the basic fooling-around-in-high-school type). I'd like to test the waters and get her involved with another woman in the least awkward way possible, and I'm thinking the best way might be with a provider that's experienced with couples (swinging clubs are also a discussion we've had, but that's a little intense for beginners, I'd think??). Also, I'd like whatever session happens to be based around her and the provider, versus it being focused on me; I don't mind the attention, but frankly I wouldn't last that long anyway and it's a gift to my wife :smile: Could anyone pipe in with their related experiences? Looking for advice in all the wrong places, but as a whole I figure this would be a great place to get started asking around!

Thanks in advance!

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