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I left one time....

Posted 5/18/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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I can remember once I left. I had found a hot young thing and went against what I normally do with making sure she has some kind of reviews or background I can check. The ad had her looking hot and early 20s......When I got there it was clear those pics belonged to somebody else....LOL. She opened the door and I said sorry wrong room!....LOL She then grabbed a hold of me and said no you are in the right place and I stepped inside to keep from making a scene in the hallway. I asked where the girl was that's in the pics and she said aww honey everybody uses fake pics and I said...NO They Don"T!!! This woman was my age and not even very attractive......I'm not in this hobby to get unattractive woman my age....I can get all of them I want in civie life....LOL...... She was not happy but I opened the door and left. Like I say....I'm a middle aged guy that likes to spend his hard earned money on girls that he normally could not get in real life..... :)

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