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Did you let her know? Communication is key-

Posted 5/19/2012 at 5:02:00 AM

Rhetorical question:  When she was talking did it occur to you to let her know what you want?

Not in every situation like this, but most often, it's just a matter of the client letting the gal know what he wants.  She might think you exhausted in that sense and therefore may not want to INITIATE continuing further so as not to frustrate you (thinking you wouldn't be able to finish).  Sometimes we think we're done but WE'RE not.  It's simply a matter of taking her in your arms or letting her know that you want more.  

It's a session, there's no blueprint or checklist.  No on the job training that tells us to check with you every 15 mins to see if we're still on track.  Be willing to talk with your provider in session to let her know what your are thinking or wanting.  It's not difficult in the least and you will be far more assured the service you would like.

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