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The Bayou Spell Checker

Posted 5/18/2012 at 6:52:47 PM

Hey CPA,

Very well said. I waited to chime in on this at the end of the day.

I wanted to see what others had to say. CPA, I'd have to say that you are correct on almost all counts in your posting.

If I have counted correctly... so far as of 10:50 pm EST, 5-18-2012, there have been a grand total of 2 ladies posting on this thread, but one is dominiating the ladies postings. I am surprised that other one hasn't showed up yet... maybe she's looking for her spell checker.

I am not certain if estrogen or lack of brain cells is the cause of "provider bitterness", but it seems to me that a few ladies have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands. It does make me wonder how they get their bills paid when some ladies seem to be in TER 24/7 and that's not counting the other similar websites that they may frequent as well. I often wonder if they have a life or not.

In case anyone is wondering... I am semi-retired. I do work for some companies on a per diem basis, but other than that, I play tons of golf, weather permitting. This weekend is shaping up as one of the best golfing weekends in a while and that's all I am going to be doing.



Posted By: ChgoCPA
is simply astonishing.  I have my ideas as to why roughly the same posters have to chime in and take over in many cases.

But just for grins gals...why not go on to your regional ad boards and discussion boards and drum up some business?  Give the GD board a chance to cleanse itself of the obnoxious amount of estrogen that's been consuming it for the past couple of months.

And maybe some of the male posters will actually consider a call if they didn't see the obnoxious tones with which many of you come across with.  Or even take it over to your PO board and let the other gal's chime in, if they dare :)

Flame away...and the mangina's are free to flame as well :D


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