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Good lord...

Posted 5/18/2012 at 9:23:50 AM

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Please say some of those are made up.


Posted By: mistressjessica
just what were you thinking?

1. bringing your dog and watching it pee on my wall
2. Why do you stick your fingers in my ears?
3. Really, you used MY toothbrush when the listeriene and the cups were right there?
4. Your gum on my bedside table
5. even worse, you just threw you gum down on to my carpet when I asked you to throw it away
6. No, your precum is NOT a lubricant for me
7. Because spitting in your hand is a turn on?
8. Does sticking your tongue in my ear turn you on?
9. Licking my face makes me think of my lab.. Does my make up taste good and turn you on?
10.. I am certain there are more but.. it's

YOUR TURN!!!!!!please share

I knew I forgot one..

Bringing your bondage gear and expecting fun and games without some kind of pre warning..
( This could scare a girl to death)


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