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Re: Young women

posted 5/17/2012 at 7:57:15 PM

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In some jurisdictions, "a few cocktails" would be called "diminished mental capacity," a state in which a person can no longer legally consent to sex, even if they are 23 years old. You are, in effect, advocating statutory rape.


Postedby: Martha_Focker
Are easy to bed.

From jailbate to age 23, I was as easy as Sunday morning.

All you had to do was buy me a burger and put a few cocktails in me and I would put out.

I can understand that dating is hard.  It's hard for women too.  But getting laid by a civie is NOT that hard!  I promise you.  Young, hot, tipsy women who don't yet have standards are the easiest women in the world.