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I always loved the term "Whorist". ("Whorist" is the correct spelling, not "whoreist")* 

Posted 5/16/2012 at 7:36:08 PM

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Much better than that horrible term, "Trick". A trick is not even human, it s a deception. I really dislike the term "Trick". "Hobbyist", and "client" aren't very descriptive and have meanings outside this game. "Whore monger" is a better for a pimp than the customer as a monger sells stuff, not buys it. "John" is a real name and has other meanings like a toilet thus not a good fit but well used. "Punter" isn't that hot ether as I don't "punt" anything when I pay for sex. "Whorist" is the best term going in. Any term is better than "trick", even "fat f*ck that pays" is better.

*I am not complaining about your spelling. I can't spell worth shit, and your posts use much better spelling and grammar than mine. I was just pointing out the correct spelling as it is often misspelled on the boards.

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