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Bwahahaha, ok that was pretty darn funny! EOM. 

Posted 5/16/2012 at 4:20:57 PM


Posted By: MT91151
I totally get "sweet spot" price points, but the sweet spots are so convoluted all the way up and down the price chart.  Unless she is in Bangladesh or some other third world country, the $200/hr rate is flag.  If she could charge more, she would charge more so at $200, my guess is that you are definitely getting what you pay for...  an eighth grade education and a dentist dream come true


Posted By: London Rayne
and that's why it is so much. I charge less for dinner dates than I do for straight sex, but the dinner dates add up to more clock hours. For instance, my 2 hour playtime only rate is $600 but my 4 hour dinner rate is only 8. If a guy were to want 4 hours playtime only, it would be $400 an hour for each hour which is $1600. I charge for sex...the other stuff I am not so much worried about.

It seems she has no set descriptions for her rates meaning she is probably not discounting dinner dates or charging more for just sex...that's why the six hours is more. No offense, but there is no way in hell I would be stuck in a hotel room with anyone for 6 solid hours for any less than 2k. I would have to take the week off after, so he would be paying the week's salary that I would lose out for being torn the hell up.

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