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Re: Always Looking For Bargains...

Posted 5/16/2012 at 10:51:32 AM

I charge more for incalls because I have to rent the room. That's pretty simple, really.


Posted By: serpius
Hey MT91151,

If it was me... I'd pick the $275 deal. A chance to do mulitple pops is always good.

Aside from my pick, I have seen similar numbers from providers.

However, there have been a number of providers that do this ONE thing that drives me nuts!!

They charge MORE for incalls than they do for outcalls.

For example, recently a local lady started offering outcalls (previously, she was strictly incalls), but her rates are weird. ( F.Y.I., Her incall location is her home, not a hotel. )

Incalls - $300
Outcalls - $250

Why is that?

I never bothered to ask her why she charges more for incalls. I figured that outcalls would be higher due to the provider driving and having to account for gas and 'wear and tear' on the car.



Posted By: MT91151
So the longer I see you, the more it costs until I get to 4 hours then, we are back to $200/hour, but if I want to see you for 6 hours it costs me the most per hour.    Below is verbatim from her site. (My calculations in parentheses).
1-Hour        200 - ($200 per hour)
90mins        275 - ($183 per hour)
2 hours        450 - ($225 per hour)
3 hours        650 - ($217 per hour)
4 hours        800 - ($200 per hour)
6 hours       1400 - ($233 per hour)


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