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Posted 5/14/2012 at 3:11:42 PM

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gentle.  Since this in GD...  What were you thinking?  You potentially compromised not just yourself but every lady whose number is in your phone.  Remember, in all but a few rural counties of Nevada, Prostitution is ILLEGAL.  And you are walking around with a confession in your pocket!

TER Newbies are pretty 'with it'...  because the vetrans teach them.  One of the firstthings that comes up is security, hobby phones, etc.  It have been discussed regularly on the Newbie Board.  

I am on my second trac fone, (first one lasted 3 years).  I get a flip phone that fits my belt carrier & I swap them on a date.  I add days / minutes before they expire...  I never use them all...  so they roll over.  My fone was about $20, and another 20 every 3 months for 100 the first year.  I erase all calls from my hobby phone...  it just looks like an emergency phone.  A bit extreem perhaps & requires me to access the internet to plan a date.  I clean the phone before I leave her.  

If you insist on keeping your little black book on your phone...  never put anything descriptive except maybe a code that can mean something else.    Having girls names / numbers is not so bad if you don't describe them as "Escorts".  What were you thinking?  

IMHO, I think it's wise to keep your hobby & your private life separate.  Practice not leaving tracks.  You are young.  Someday, you might meet someone & want to close this chapter.  It is far better to not have to clean up your tracks than to wish you could.

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