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Posted 5/14/2012 at 1:21:38 PM

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I don't hobby often enough to obviously to get a dedicated phone, but this past weekend's experience really made me consider... My folks and friends came over and they were borrowing my cell phone to order some pizza.. Then they found contacts for "~~~~ Escorts" "~~~~ Girls." There were text messages, etc... You get the idea.. I had to lie that it was my friend's sick prank, but I think my dad knows...

I know.. I should have put in something like "Domino's Night Delivery" or something along the lines in the address book. I did not really care much for it because 360 out of 365 days I live alone.

Anyways, I received a new phone (BB Bold 9900) today which I have wanted, so I have the Bold 9700 just lying around. Perhaps it is not too bad of an idea to get one of those shady pay-as-you-go sim card instead of adding a line in my family plan lol.. I am considering it because it won't be costly at all and I would prefer that some indie providers not know my "real" phone number. Why not?

How do you guys have your hobby phone set up? Will this affect the screening process? I am not posting in the newbie forum because newbies don't have hobby phones.

Thank you for your response in advance!

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