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Posted 5/13/2012 at 5:51:39 PM

Dr. joe
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I believe two women can have such intense feelings for each other- two men can- and I know I have had such intense experiences with women.  
I think of one woman I have shared such experiences with repeatedly for many many years.  We spend prolonged periods together during which she will have prolonged repeated and slowly increasing climaxes  that I will share that finally result in long breath taking heart pounding climaxes that we share, that makes it hard for her to breath as we cling to each other and that end with her looking at me radiantly and glowing and beautiful.  I have shared such expediences with others (including some memorable ones with providers and one with a lady who had just --believe it or not-- just gotten out of prison) but with her it has gone on not for years as I said but for decades.

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