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Re: follow up on AIDS prevnetion

posted 5/11/2012 at 5:28:11 AM

There is always "hope for the future". What concerns me is the number of requests you've gotten for more information on this. I hope clients were not thinking of engaging in unsafe sexual practices given the advent of a "magic pill". But something tells me that I am hoping in vain.


Postedby: Dr. joe
A while ago I reported on the FDA advisory boards recommending a prevention of aids medication just to inform us ll that there might be hope ahead.  Since then I have gotten requests for more information.  I didn't mean to suggest there is a magic bullet, but simply hope for the future.  (Also I like to keeps us all aware of the continuing need for safety.)  The approved medication has been used to treat aids for some time and it now appears it protects non infected people.  It is not too practical jut yet since the cost of the medication is $14,000 a year but it does suggest we might be in sight of a more practical prevention.  The name of the medication is Truvada.  I do not know who manufactures ii (but you can google i).  I also mentioned that it is --in my opinion-- a good idea for those of us active to get the HPV vaccination which protects against the strains of HPV that are most likely to cause oral and throat cancer and do no harm to those already infected so no loss.  
I realize these things cause controversy. I do regret this, but I do regret that in a new and overwhelmingly busy practice I have not had time to keep involved with providing useful medical news as I used to.