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Yep, there's homework involved.

Posted 5/10/2012 at 8:36:39 PM

Just as I spend time researching the ladies who I will be asking for references, the gents would be well off looking at the history of the reviewers... have they been around a while?  Do their scores seem to be in the ball park with others who have reviewed the same lady?  Etc.  Dozens of times over on the newbie board you will see folk saying that you can't just go by the numbers, get that VIP and read more.  

Is it easy to do a good job doing the research?  No.  Is it foolproof?  No.  However, just like a lady trying to screen... it will weed out most of the troublemakers.  And just like a lady who doesn't screen, a gent who doesn't screen should anticipate getting burned.

"In the end if both party screens, it is balanced until a real name is given."
It is ONLY balanced if you have the equal number of references as a lady has reviews!  Hell, if that's the case... it's unlikely many ladies will ask for personal information at all. And, well - when reputable ladies start violently robbing clients, and when we find multiple dumping grounds of numerous gents bodies, we can say the risks are equal.

"Providers out hobbyists all the time. There is whole sites that do little but."
There are sites for reporting bad clients that are misused by irresponsible and vindictive providers, yes.  Most often, even if the punishment is completely out of line to the offense (a black list for a NCNS, for example), the gentleman is not innocent.  All the time?!  That's as accurate as if I were to say that hobbyists stalk ladies "All the time."  

Sorry to hear about your past negative experiences.  I'm sure they influence your views, as my experience shape mine.

Respect to all in how they chose to play,
up to the point where someone is lying, deceitful, and disrespectful...


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