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I agree with most everything you said. 

Posted 5/10/2012 at 5:00:00 PM

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Except P411, DateChack, and whitelists has to be at least as reliable as reviews. Many reviews are full of half truths, and out and out lies. Many very dangerous women manipulate their reviews to the point of being as useful as A_New_Invention's screening information.

The other issue is he speaks the truth, most ladies do not check. There was two ladies I used as references all most excursively. They are good friends and when they where active providers I asked if who ever I was trying to see got in contact with then and the answer unfortunately was no, but I passed their screening anyway. P411 lets us know when a lady is looking you up yet it is rare that a woman from that site actually looks you up. When I give out employment information, I have yet to have anyone call. Most ladies do not check. Two of my friends got busted because they fail to do so.

The rest was spot on. Everyone must screen everyone, no one should part with more information then they are comfortable. And if a lady wants more information than a guy wishes to give he should move on. If a guy lies and gives false information he should be blacklisted in provider only blacklists. (The public ones are why guys lie in the first place as often as not.)

Even though we will never meet because I will not give all the information you require, I think you are a fine lady. Great post!

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