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Re: No, you actually CAN’T pay me to fake it…

Posted 5/9/2012 at 6:05:22 PM

Like I said, give it some time. I'm sure you don't have to resort to such tactics now, while you're in your prime. But later, it just might mean the difference between booking a client or not.


Posted By: Lovelyelle
Sorry, but I strongly disagree with you. For every guy who won't see me as a result of me not faking an "O", there'll be plenty more who appreciate the honesty. I haven't had a problem so far. I have a great time/show my partner a great time whether I get the big "O" or not because it's not about me in the end. Now, if he WANTS to make it all about me, that's his choice. But, I can't fake it when I have no issues giving a bit of direction if he's not on the right path. As a result, they keep coming back anyway. I'd rather my boss respect me for refusing to "follow the crowd" by standing firm in my honesty than label me a kiss ass. Sure, lots of smart followers do so in order to get ahead. But, there are those smart ones who use tact, honesty, and integrity to climb to the top. There are people out there who actually welcome these values, for they are a few of the characteristics that natural born leaders display. So, I can confidently say, MSHSEX, that no matter how much time I spend here, NO WAY I'M FAKING IT. :-)


Posted By: MSHSEX
Give it some time. In due course, you will probably find yourself faking it just to keep clients coming back for more. We ALL do it in our professions for career advancement (or at least, the SMART ones do). "That's a GREAT idea, boss! Wish I'd have thought of it! You're the BEST boss ever!"


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