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Re: we will have to agree to disagree

Posted 5/9/2012 at 3:26:51 PM

Your bachelor/stay at home mom w/kids analogy is a poor one. Those 2 groups of people have little in common.

Clients are well equipped to offer advice to paid escorts, seeing as clients hire paid escorts to service them. The fact that smart escorts ask clients for feedback and advice on how to improve their services offered only bears this fact out.

I'm honestly a little surprised that an escort like yourself didn't know that. You're missing out on an opportunity to improve your services by not soliciting feedback from the clients that you cater to.


Posted By: dddbabe
Clients giving advice to providers on best ways to run business is akin to life long bachelors giving advice to stay at home moms on how to raise kids.

You may think you know a thing or two, but until YOU  actually do it, advice is at best useless and at worse makes zero sense.

As for showing appreciation to our long term patrons, there are numerous threads on it.

This week I am doing 2nd overnight this month with same gentleman.  To show my appreciation it will be more of a full day engagement vs standard 14h overnight at no extra charge. Believe me, odds for him are MUCH better than any lottery could get.



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