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Posted 5/9/2012 at 1:47:29 PM

Thanks for asking but NO, I do not barter all my time for gifts or charity contributions. Not speaking for all, but, a lady's time is a lady's time, she can price it and use it however she sees fit.

I view charities as something that you should contribute to and if you can comfortably see me for pleasure, then you also can give. I currently do have small "price breaks" for gentlemen that would like to give to my favorite charities. Those discounts are based on what would still be comfortable for me to take home as a provider, contributing to worthy causes, and having the gentleman enjoy a great time for a multi-hour appointment. I have only had one gentleman take me up on it; he contributed in addition to what was expected, his multi-hour appointment was reduced, and the charity funds went towards my participation in the breast cancer walk this past weekend. I see this arrangement as a win-win all the way around. And a gift is just that, a gift, given freely in appreciation or as a token of fondness from one person to another, not to be confused for payment or the like. My ass is NOT a flea market! LOL!

Honestly, with me not being a "clock watcher" extra time gets slipped in here and there no matter what. I do have my limits and don't allow for just giving away half hours or hours without compensation. If you enjoy your time with me that much, then cool, but do respect that other people do too. Given the nature of the established relationship, you've already paid me for my hour, why would the next hour be without compensation? I don't foresee the relationship changing for any reason on my end, so uh bring the right amount, tips and gifts are always great, and we should be cool. Any other arrangements are given at my discretion, feel free to ask, but the answer will most likely be NO.


Posted By: Duplicitouslust
Dear Jaye:
I am just wondering would you be amenable to other forms of compensation such as giving you something that you need or would have to buy for yourself or around Christmastime donating to your favorite charity or causes that you would feel worthy if you didn't need the tax deduction? Then would you entertain extra time or the like.


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