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Re: i agree but...

Posted 5/9/2012 at 11:37:22 AM

Bingo, nahtynikkey! It's not so much about a marathon of quick position changes. Simply reading a woman's body language can do the trick. But, it takes longer than a few minutes for your body to even get in the groove. Women aren't as easily aroused/stimulated as men are. It is very possible to achieve an "O" every time. It just take patience and a slightly deeper level of connecting than the basic physical motions.


Posted By: nahtynikkey
"If after several minutes of trying"... that could possibly be your problem, lol. Minutes? Men can achieve an "O" in minutes... women, not so much. The average women takes at least 15-20 of stimulation to achieve an "O".... and constantly changing your strategy, many times makes us revert back to square one.
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