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No, you actually CAN’T pay me to fake it… 

Posted 5/9/2012 at 8:14:23 AM

I have read many threads on “Real vs. Fake Os”. Even though most guys would rather be able to hit the spot every time, it puzzles me that some guys don’t mind girls faking it if it doesn’t happen. Some guys don’t care either way as long as they’re satisfied. Sorry guys, but NO WAY am I faking it. Of course, I’d rather get off every time. But, if I don’t, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a good time. I could never set myself up for future frustration. I’ve been pretty lucky so far, and I have no doubt that it’s because I simply refuse to lie about it.

I saw a new friend recently. We were having a great time, and decided to curl up and relax for a bit. After a while, the conversation turned towards naughty talk. He asked me if he did the job, and I blushed and told him no (one of those awkward truth moments). He was surprised because he genuinely thought I had. I told him that I’d come VERY close twice (which was true), but it didn’t happen. As a result, he took himself to a place where he was completely in tune with my body. Success. HUGE success... Believe me, once the mission was accomplished, he could tell the distinct difference in almost and HELL YES DEFINITELY!!!

I see lots of threads linking to blog posts where some escort has decided to rant and rave about how much she hates you guys anonymously. I’ll never understand the “I actually hate what I do because the guys think they can f*@k and I’m miserable acting like I enjoy myself” blogs that are written by obviously jaded ladies. I’ve never felt like I had to lie about it in fear of losing business. When delivered with tact and consideration, honesty can actually be an appreciated motivator. One gentleman told me that knowing for a fact that he made it happen did more for his ego than wondering about it and convincing himself that it was real.
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