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I agree with Nora and my experience...

Posted 5/9/2012 at 12:22:28 AM

this just happened to me.A ter member contacts me provides first name and his TER handle.
He is not a VIP member so there is no way to even confirm this guy is the one who created the handle here.
Does not have a board presence and he believes his many years ago reviews is sufficient enough for screening.Nope,sorry not going to cut it with this lady!
Anyone can tell me "Hey I am macdaddy1944 from TER" this serves no purpose to me.There are a few exceptions if a gent contacts me provided some info about himself,has a board presence here with recent reviews and whitelists from providers I know I will see him.But,for other gents just a TER or any board handle with no other info is just not worth my safety. Most gents that I see from here or other sites will provide their handle and the required info but every now and then there are some that try to go around screening and think their TER profile is good enough.We do not meet.

In some other cases the guy might be a member but does not post reviews at all.So him saying I am a board member of TER or another site here is my handle does nothing for me.Being a board member of any site does not substitute screening it might make it a little easier depending on who the gent is.Not all situations are the same.

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