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keeping in touch and emotional attachment

Posted 5/8/2012 at 7:33:43 PM

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Hello, I'm having a similar situation as clockwork11 in the earlier "thank you email" thread with a few key differences, which are: 1) I met her through an agency so the only contact information I have is what she gave me (email and cell phone); 2) we've exchanged emails and texts a number of times and seen each other since; and 3) (this is the key) Yes, I've fallen (hard) for her and told her so the last time I saw her.

She hasn't answered my last few emails so now I'm afraid I effed up big time (although she didn't answer every email before my slip up). For now I'm just keeping quiet and laying low. But do I try to see her again on her next tour though (still through an agency)? Wait for a sign? Never been in a situation like this before, feeling quite lost. Help!

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