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Re: Anyone Else read the Bad Reviews for Entertainment?

Posted 5/8/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

I read them because they're even better than Harlequin romance novels. The over-embellishment of some of the reviewers' sexual prowess is quite entertaining to behold. ha.


Posted By: Naomi_Sweets
I have a few days of full VIP and have been enjoying just reading the bad reviews as a source of entertainment.   I feel so bad for some of you guys,  I know you learned the value of doing your research thats for sure.

I just read one a little bit ago where the first reviewer is probably a friend of the provider, he gave her an 8/9.

Based on that review three more followed - first one commented she looked a bit scary to him and he took off.
Second one was so horny and a little drunk so he stayed, said he played with her tits (which were almost non existent),  She said Aunt Flo was visiting but he could do her anal - said he gave her a couple of pumps and she was stinky so he opted to finish with a handjob.

Third one was sober, said he suspects She is a "HE" but he didn't stick around to find out.

Anyway sitting here reading these and laughing although I do feel bad for those of you who TOFFT and lost.

so anyone else browse the bad reviews just for the entertainment value?


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