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I also do not give out my handle to providers.

Posted 5/8/2012 at 2:33:23 AM

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What is the point in giving it out? I give out enough info they can see I am safe so they need not know I am scoed on TER on this and a few other review sites. I admit I review on my P411 but I don't give out my info on my handle or where I review. I do have reviews posted on multiple sites. With my handle the can go psycho on me if I have to write a not so happy review, without it they are less able to do so.

I ask the honest ladies if they want a review but I don't give out handle info out. I review if they say yes. Dishonest ones just get reviewed about a month or to after and it will be aliased. But I have not had a bad experience since review aliases came out as for most of that time I was just too sick to hobby and I screen well.

I do have a alias review and it has my highest performance score ever. She got a 9. I used my alias for anther reason.

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