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Such a shock Arthur would weigh in on a pic thread...lol.

Posted 5/7/2012 at 8:56:18 AM

Tell me, how do you know that photo was of the provider you think it was of? I have sent face pics out after screening to a few guys who had just as much to lose as I do, and none of them ever made the internet. I would not do it again or make a habit of it for sure, but some do. Not all married men (unlike you) can risk being seen with a girl who plasters her face all over the net. I know of another provider who has all high scores and her face is dog ugly..butterface I believe they call her. Yea, that was something bwahahahah! Funny thing is she DID get all bent out of shape when a guy gave her a 7, and he said he was being nice as it should have been a 5.

I would not say my face is my best feature, but most say I either look like Reese Witherspoon or a young Anna Nicole, so I will take that. I don't have acne or scars and I have perfect teeth, but I do benefit from Botox for sure.  I am not one to brag about how hot I am either like some, so it does not look as stupid if someone bashes me. Pssst, got some new pics on eros for ya Arthur...unedited ha ha.

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