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Re: Really? I can see the future and it is ....

Posted 5/6/2012 at 5:33:09 PM

Here are my tongue-in-cheek comments to your answers. In other words, I'm joking and in no way believe what I've just written (in fact, I agree with what you've written). As the Brits like to say, I'm feeling a little "cheeky" at the moment.

1. Sure you can get tricky with regards to taxes. Just keep 2 sets of books like most restaurants do.
2. Paid escorts don't need no health care. They're superheroes who never catch STDs and come with built in female condoms.
3. Congress will establish the Consumer Sexual Protection Bureau. This federal sex watchdog will be charged with coming up with consumer sex standards (e.g. how many pops are safely allowed in an hour) and enforcing them.
4. All paid escort and client complaints are to be filed with the Consumer Sexual Protection Bureau, which will then enlist the aid of the Attorney General's office as needed.
5. The Consumer Sexual Protection Bureau's jurisdiction supersedes all state actions.
6. LE takes vice enforcement seriously. They just want to get laid by the ladies first.
7. I do see sex toys advertised in mainstream media. Slinkies, tinkertoys, and Legos are standard fare in S&M practices.
8. What married men? When prostitution is legalized, every married man will immediately file for divorce and start sampling the "goods".


Posted By: dddbabe

1. Make the business a taxable entity.

Smart providers do pay taxes.  You can't go off the tax greed for years and expect it not to catch up with you.  

2. Providers can now get the proper medical care without any kind of public ridicule.

Public ridicule has nothing to do with the fact that most providers face same difficulties in obtaining medical care as every single self employed person in this country.

3. Make the provider businesses be held accountable for their practices.

Ummmm ... who is going to set up these standards?  Who is going to enforce them?

Are you seriously saying that someone will come up with a list of regulation addressing FUCKING?  Sorta like Tsxi Passenger's Bill Of Rights?  

4. Hobbyists will now have a legal way of recourse of the services and/or practices are not up to acceptable standards.

Go back to number 3.  Do you really envision small court complaint addressing bad blow jobs?

5. Provider businesses will be regulated by the state government based mainly on #1 and #4.

And the state governments are doing such splendid job regulating everything else ...

6  Law Enforcement will be able to refocus their resources on major crimes.

Who said that LE actually focuses on prostitution?  Paaaaaaaaaalease, if they really wanted to they would shut down this little shindig called on line escorting in a heart bit.

7. Provider business advertising and marketing will be found in mainstream marketing schemes, much like the dreaded attorney marketing are being done these days.

Do you see sex toys advertised in main stream media?

8. Married men will have additional options in regards to finding providers.

As opposed to all the options available to them now?


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