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That's the exception, not the rule. There are far more lower priced women

Posted 5/6/2012 at 1:52:06 PM

who are simply hot and flaky, but swallow. Big whoop. For the most part, higher priced equals more perks, but NOT a better sexual experience. If all you are looking for is a nut, you can get it from a streetwalker for less than a bill. See my explanation in the first post about perks. We are not merely talking about "only sex" when we start discussing rates, and a really high end lady should weigh in on this.

All I know is if I were at half my rate, no way in hell I could afford to provide the incalls and driver service I do at home, nor would I be happy serving up msog with each date. It would be a Holiday Inn and one pop unless I wanted to see three guys a day, which I don't.

For "my" bills each month, I have to make x amount of money and want to do that by seeing x amount of men. The more guys I see, the less I like doing it which is why I work the way I do. The only time a low price affects service or hygiene is when that person is basically strapped for cash and they "have to" see tons of guys to pay the bills.

Any other instance can happen to anyone, but don't kid yourself. There are nowhere near as many guys willing to spend a grand as there are willing to spend 200-400...that's why the national average is and always has been around 300.  It is ludicrous to even suggest a girl at a grand an hour is seeing a ton of people, because that is very rare...again, the exception not the rule. Everyone knows one or two girls that are high end and still high volume, but look at her yearly volume not the one week she hit it big because a convention was in town.  I know girls in NYC having trouble getting even 600 an hour right now, and that's Manhattan where it is insane to live for less than 12k a month.

A girl charging over 300 in New Orleans is not making crap, and I can prove it. Every girl who has rates the same as mine here either has a sugar daddy, another income, she travels, or a combination of all of the above. You simply can't pull in higher rates here so you have no choice to be low volume...that is where guys make the correlation between volume and rates. It is in cases where the market is much lower than the girl's rate.

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