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Posted 5/6/2012 at 1:47:17 PM

While some golddiggers may have their own websites or advertise on sugardaddy sites, it is not as widespread or prevalent as those that deal with paid escorts.

Yes, golddiggers may get "allowances". But those allowances typically mean that the golddigger is NOT allowed to see other men. The same cannot be said for paid escorts, who are free to see whomever they please.

When a paid escort is able to score a sugardaddy by agreeing to be "faithful" and forgoing all other men during their "relationship", then she is no longer a paid escort and has "graduated" to golddigger status (I'm thinking of Vivian at the end of Pretty Woman here).


Posted By: SoftlySarah
All good for the GDP.

I will take issue with one of your assertions: "gold diggers" do advertise on sugardaddy websites, and on personals sites. And in response to number 2, most gold diggers get allowances as part of their arrangements.


Posted By: MSHSEX
There are several apparent differences:

1. Advertising - I don't know too many golddiggers who have their own websites or advertise on Backpage or Craigslist.
2. Exchange - Paid escorts are directly exchanging sex for money, for all practical intents and purposes. With gold-diggers, the exchange is indirect, with bought goods serving as an intermediary between money for sex.
3. Frequency - Golddiggers tend NOT to see men in back-to-back appointments whereas paid escorts often times will.
4. Reviews - Golddiggers don't have reviews on TER whereas paid escorts do.


Posted By: vonrichtofen
What is the difference between the women (and we have all known them) who will have sex on a date given enough money has been spent and an honest woman who simply wants the Benjamins?



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