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Re: @ Curly. The stigma would only lessen for those IN the hobby.

Posted 5/6/2012 at 1:41:39 PM

Actually, I could envision a time in the distant future where prostitution in the US would lose its stigma (and I do mean DISTANT).

The Europeans have a pretty relaxed view of sexual relations among young adults and teenagers in general. I have many European colleagues who are quite comfortable with the knowledge that their 17 year old daughters are sleeping with their boyfriends.

While that attitude among American parents is not exactly "mainstream", it's not completely verbotten either.


Posted By: London Rayne
The outside world would still view guys as pathetic and the women as damaged, used up goods. You can't compare a "choice" to being gay as to them it is not something they chose to be. They think and truly believe they are born gay, and there is nothing to regulate about that. The only reason Gay Marriage was such a big deal is because you can't expect a religion to change its beliefs to suit you...church and state should always be apart. Under the eyes of God that most believe in gay marriage is wrong, so why would anyone want to marry in a church that thinks they are doomed to hell? I certainly would not.

Prostitution and homosexuality are like comparing apples and oranges...the stigmas are entirely different. We chose to get paid for sex, but they did not choose to be gay. The stigma will never be lessened because of a piece of paper saying it is legal. Companies will still discriminate in hiring if they find out you are or ever were a hooker...not so much if you're a client because it is always a double standard. The guy gets a slap on the wriste...Vitter, Spitzer, etc. and the women involved end up with a Scarlett letter or dead in some cases.

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