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Oh good lord! You are free to think what you want and so am I.

Posted 5/6/2012 at 1:02:07 PM

I as an escort rely and appreciate blackllist sites and I know damn well what they can do. Don't play in this world if you can't take what comes with it...simple. I don't like the crap I have been through but I CHOOSE to be here...for money, not a nut. You claim all this "guessing" on statistics is facts and it is NOT. You simply do not know how many of those alerts are real and how many are bs. You only know the ones that happened to people you are close to...that's IT! There are reports of HIV, Rape, Robbery, etc. You won't ever see the killing because the girl is DEAD already! Like I said, it is not a blacklist site that is the enemy, it is the person behind the bs ones! You blame the tool, I blame the idiot misusing it!

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